October 18th, 2017


When you hear the word vampire you undoubtedly think of the blood-sucking creatures so prevalent in movies and books these days.

But the type of vampires we’re talking about hit a little closer to home—literally. We’re referring to the vampires that live inside your home.

Every home’s got them—electronic devices that are plugged in 24/7, consuming electricity even while you’re not using them.

They’re called vampires. These silent little energy zappers consume electricity and drive up your energy bill without you even knowing it…

But there’s something you can do to rid your home of so-called vampire power.

Many devices in your home—TVs, video game consoles, small kitchen appliances, etc—consume electricity even when you’re not actively using them. That’s called vampire power, and just having these devices plugged in can add up to 10% of your electricity bill. Unplugging or powering down vampiring gadgets is the key, and can save you hundreds of dollars a year, especially if the devices are older models without auto-shutdown modes. Unplugging that Xbox every time it’s done being used, for example, can save you $75 a year. Other gadgets to consider powering down or unplugging when possible: digital set-top boxes, DVD players, cordless power tools and chargers, toasters, microwaves, and computers.

Bet you never thought it would be so quick and easy to rid your home of vampires…

If only it were that easy in the movies…