Masonry / Injection Wall Foam

Injectable Foam, or “foamed in place” insulation, is a non-hazardous, odorless foam designed for masonry block and wall cavities in commercial applications. The foam is injected from either inside or outside a building, making it very versatile and cost competitive when compared to plastic Icons.

Ideally suited for:

  • Commercial concrete block walls
  • Foundation block walls
  • Precast slabs and tilt-up walls
  • Retrofitting closed-cavity stud walls

​Other Benefits include:

  • High R Value – R-19 in 2×4 stud wall, R-13 in 8″ CMU wall and R-16 in 12″ CMU walls
  • Excellent Air & Moisture barrier – prevents air and moisture penetration, acts as a barrier to pests, and keeps allergy-causing pollutants outside where they belong
  • Class 1 / Class A Fire Rating – Non-flammable, meets or exceeds building codes

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