October 18th, 2017

independence day

It’s true that a Thermal Scan could be a first step in a more comfortable, energy efficient building. That’s because a thermal scan can help pinpoint missing insulation, air leaks and moisture intrusion. That, in turn, will allow you to find the source of energy efficiency and discomfort and then come up with the proper solutions to fix the problems.

And it’s also true that most people associate Thermal Scans with winter time.

But Thermal Scans aren’t just a cold weather activity.

This time of year, with high heat and humidity, is a fantastic time for a thermal scan. Hot, humid air from the outside has the potential to leak into your conditioned building, which is filled with cool, less-humid air. Hot air leaking in from the outside in the summer has the same pitfalls as cold air leaking in in the winter: drafty rooms, moisture intrusion, high utility bills, and an uncomfortable environment.

So really, any extreme heat or extreme cold weather condition is an ideal time to conduct a thermal scan.

Like right now.

We realize you’ve got a list a mile long to do this summer—vacations, landscaping, you name it. You don’t need yet another chore, right? You want to lounge by the pool, BBQ, spend as much time outside as possible, including watching fireworks this Independence Day.

But keep in mind, as you’re hanging out outside, having fun, that the hot, humid air you’re exposing yourself to is, without you knowing it, forcing it’s way inside your home. Leaking in through old windows and doors. Streaming in through penetrations and cracks. Forcing your A/C to work harder and longer.

Don’t worry—we won’t ruin your celebrations this Fourth of July.

But we will offer you a deal: 50% of the regular price of a Thermal Scan. This is an explosive deal (sorry, couldn’t resist!) that’s only for a limited time.

So when the celebrations are over and all the fireworks have been put away, contact us to schedule a thermal scan of your building. We’ll walk you through the process and pricing and set up a time at your convenience to conduct a comprehensive Thermal Scan of our home of building.

The 50% off deal ends July 18 and won’t come back around again until winter, so don’t delay.

Really, you’ve got nothing to lose and a heckuva lot to gain: a more energy efficient building; no more air or moisture leakage; less risk of mold and mildew; manageable utility bills; and a safe, comfortable environment.

From our family to yours: Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!