Giving Back

At Ace Resources, the staff likes to spend some of their down time donating generously to various causes including the Animal House Project which operates a Pet & Rescue, Companion Pantry and the Royersford Fire Department.

Notice a trend? Yeah, we’re crazy about canines. In fact, there are five dogs running around our office. Here they are:











Yoshi which means “happy” in Japanese is a long coat male Akita; Cado which means “gate” in Japanese is a Black Lab/Mastiff mix and hails from Georgia; Isabella (Bella) is our female Akita and our newest member of the Family, Ava from Texas. All four are owned by MaryBeth Yannessa & Steven Wezel of Ace Resources. In addition to our four pups, Gary Wezel our Technical Estimator has a Dalmatian – Sammy.

Yoshi, Bella, Cado, Ava and Sammy keep us entertained with their crazy antics, alert us when we get visitors, and remind us to not take life too seriously. When our day gets too busy or too stressful, the dogs have a powerful way of lightening the mood in the office. And taking a quick break to play fetch or take them for a walk is incredibly restorative. Simply put, pets have a way of changing your life in so many positive ways.

I guess that is why we choose to donate so much of our time to helping pet causes. In October 2013, Mary Beth Yannessa became the Board President of Animal House Project, a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. AHP has grown into several divisions to include a Companion Pet Food Pantry; a Rescue Pet Food Assistance Program; Low Cost Vaccination Clinic; and, Low Cost Spay and Neuter Services.

Some of the causes we are passionate about


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