Passive spray applied fireproofing is designed to provide fire ratings for structural steel and concrete in new and retrofit commercial applications.

It is designed to:

  • Add fire ratings to new construction
  • Bring older buildings up to code
  • Fix construction defects

Spray Applied Fireproofing can be applied directly to decking, steel beams and columns, floor assemblies, joists, walls and partitions for up to a 4-hour rating.

​Benefits include:

  • Superior durability – designed to endure construction abuse and exposure to extreme weather conditions
  • Added thermal & acoustical properties – Sound attenuating with R-3.3 / inch thermal value
  • Environmentally friendly – Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-combustible, contains NO asbestos, contains recycled material, meets LEED specifications
  • Ace Resources’ Personnel recommend and install Isolatek’s Blaze Shield II and Blaze Shield HP for these applications.

Isolatek International is recognized as the world’s leading single source manufacturer with a comprehensive range of passive fireproofing materials for steel construction. Our products are known for their exceptional thermal performance, superior durability, and ease of application.

Intumescent Coatings

An Intumescent Coating is a spray-applied, water-based product designed for the fire protection of structural steel. It can be used in either interior or exterior applications, and can be covered or left exposed where smooth, durable and decorative fire protection is required. Intumescent coatings provide up to a four-hour fire rating. ​

Benefits include:

  • Quick, easy application and clean up
  • Durable, smooth architectural finish
  • No solvents or harmful compounds and no VOCs
  • ​Can be finished with a wide variety of top coats or left exposed


Once penetrations are made in a fire-rated wall, floor or floor/ceiling assembly–to accommodate things like electrical wiring, piping, or ductwork–that assembly is no longer a fire-rated assembly. Those penetrations need to be patched with an approved Firestopping material in order to make it fire-rated again.

Common Firestop products include Intumescent and acrylic sealants, mineral wool, putty, and collars. Their purpose is to resist (or stop) the spread of fire and its byproducts through openings/penetrations.

Problem is, a lot of penetrations are forgotten, left alone or patched with something that isn’t a fire-rated product like Firestopping. And that could lead to a host of problems, including fire risk and fire code violations.

Properly installed Firestopping is extremely important to the containment of deadly fire, toxic gases and smoke. The lack of Firestopping or improperly installed Firestopping materials allow fire and smoke to move between floors and rooms. By protecting any openings in the fire rated floors, walls, and doors, Firestopping reduces the risk of death or injury to occupants and the loss of property.

We are quality “Firestop Specialists”. We can offer you step-by-step consultation before, during and after construction as well as during renovation projects.

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